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this is andon aesthetics
This is Andon Aesthetics.

A Medical Spa in Los Angles

Andon is one of the highest rated Medical Spas in Los Angeles. With so many med spas in the area, it takes something special to stand out. That’s why we make sure that our location uses the most cutting edge technology. A doctor supervises our five star location, so you can enjoy a safe, luxurious experience.

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Soothing, Pampering Satisfaction

"When my friend told me about vitamin therapy I thought it was some of those new-age nonsense they sell to people and provide not results at all. Thankfully, I was wrong! I was almost dependent on ‘traditional’ medicines and this vitamin therapy showed me that I can feel great and get all the nutrients that my body needs in a much more efficient way."

Lidia O.

"If I could give this place a thousand stars, I would! From the beginning they helped me choose the right anti aging treatment for me (they have a varied catalog of options). On top of that, they were always so respectful and caring! My skin and my whole body feels young and beautiful again, and people notice it."

Emma J.

" I suffered of acne for a long time and after trying many home-made remedies and traditional products (and failing in the process) I decided to go to Andon Aesthetics for an acne treatment. I had no clue about “vampire facial” or anything like that until I came across their website, so when I made my consultation I cleared all my doubts. Dr. Andonian was so sweet, too! It’s great when you find people that no only is professional but also compassionate enough to truly understand what you're going through. After the procedure my acne was greatly reduced and I couldn’t be happier."

Jenny F.

"Even though the laser treatment sounded a little bit scary I decided to go for it and remove a nasty scar that I had since I was a kid. The result was great! It’s such a blessing that something that haunted your whole life is finally removed, as if it was never there! I can’t be more thankful with Andon Aesthetics, I feel blessed!"

Nicole R.

"Dr. Andonian is so caring! He guided me all the way through the process and made me first comfortable from the moment I stepped in the clinic to the moment I left. The doctor gave me a comprehensive explanation of what the botox procedure was about. That gave me enough confidence and not only the results are great but also made the whole experience much more enjoyable."

Susan A.

"Amazing services and exceptional treatment options. I'm very happy that I found Andon Aesthetics where I can spend time to pamper myself. I feel really really good from the inside out. Definitely recommended."

Amanda, 28

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