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Before Cosmetic Surgery, Consider Botox

If you’re considering having cosmetic surgery, you might be better off trying a less invasive approach instead at a med spa Los Angeles area. There are many innovative treatments available for women and men who are thinking of having plastic or cosmetic surgery.


At Andon Aesthetics in Los Angeles, Dr. Andonian believes in taking the least invasive approach before taking the surgical route. Depending on your needs, the doctor has many non-invasive and minimally-invasive options that benefits patients by producing the best results quickly and painlessly. His treatments, which are selected especially for each patient, can rejuvenate your skin and deal with your aesthetic concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines, cellulite, and unwanted hair.


Why risk a permanent result such as a facelift when you can achieve similar results without an anesthetic, downtime, or going under the knife? Dr. Andonian can advise you on how to achieve your skin goals, thereby boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence, and providing a sense of renewal and refreshment.

Safer Alternatives for You

Everybody has seen horrific images of people who have had botched-up faces. There are many celebrities who have suffered the consequences of wrong cosmetic procedures. Most of those people have had invasive plastic surgery such as a surgical facelift. This sort of procedures are permanent, so if you don’t like the outcome, there’s nothing else you can do but have more plastic surgery to correct it.


Dr. Andonian believes in safe alternatives to the surgical facelift as the best way to tackle many of your skin concerns and worries. Two of these safe alternatives are facial injections and Botox cosmetics.

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Facial Injections and Botox Cosmetics

Facial injections, also known as water-based injectable fillers, consist of injections of Voluma, Restylane or other products that are implemented to correct the angles of your face. They generate a natural and organic look instantly. You can be treated the same day you come to Andon Aesthetics. And if you like the results, you simply leave with your new looks.


For reducing wrinkles, forehead furrows and sagging of the skin, Botox injections are also a popular choice at an attractive price point. Dr. Andonian is skilled at delivering wrinkle-free, flawless skin that can last 3-4 months; sometimes even longer, depending on the individual.


So, if you’re considering cosmetic surgery, book a consultation with Andon Aesthetics in Los Angeles to see how you can benefit from non-invasive, anti-aging treatments. Call (818) 351-2070 now.

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