Fractionated CO2 for Face and Hands

Remove any blemishes or wrinkles, and enlarged oil glands to peel away your insecurities and start fresh.

Fractionated CO2 is similar to Erbium laser resurfacing except it uses CO2 as opposed to erbium. If you are someone who is tired of seeing wrinkles around their eyes and blemishes on your face, fractionated CO2 can take that away with a few shortly dispersed ultra pulses. These ultra pulses peel away the imperfections with minimal heat damage.

Each laser targets damaged skin cells with minimal heat damage thus leaving your face worry and wrinkle free. With minimal heat damage, you can ensure that your recovery is not too long and simply around one week. After your recovery period, you will be left invigorated and ready to go on about your daily tasks with confidence.