Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)

Our Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) treatments will promote the healing your body needs to be sufficient and healthy. Get a fresh start with PRP.

PRP, short for Platelet-rich plasma, is drawn from your blood that encourages the proper growth your body requires. PRP is obtained by placing your own blood in a centrifuge and separating the components from each other. Containing the proper proteins your body needs, when applied somewhere specific it can ensure that your blood is clotting. The proteins in PRP also encourage healthy cell growth.

Platelet-rich plasma is useful to patients who are looking for the type of growth that will help them heal from pain and give them the courage with the aesthetics they want. Aesthetically, PRP can assist with hair growth and skin resurfacing for anyone who would like to get rid of their baldness or wrinkles. The benefits of PRP are not limited to just aesthetics, as they even help with pain associated with arthritis or any other joint damage by encouraging growth in that area as well.