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Which Facials as Best for Your Age?

With so many different treatments available today you want to find the right one to spend your money on might be your first concern but also it may depend on the age of your skin. Not all facial treatments are cheap and some need to be done multiple times to have a lasting effect so choosing the right one for your skin is important. Getting ahead of your skin in terms of antiaging can be a crucial step to healthy, happy skin for years. Regular visits for facials can be a great treatment regime (along with home care) to reap the full benefits of keeping away sun damage, wrinkles, scaring as well as keeping your skin hydrated. Andon is one of the highest rated Medical Spas and facial in Los Angeles.

As you age your skin care needs change, so getting the right treatment for your skin can be the between benefits and irritation. Something that can help the skin of a woman in her 50s might not be as great for a woman in her mid-20s. In your 20s you may not be very concerned about your skin care routine. Your skin is elastic, hydrate, likely wrinkle free. You may put on and remove makeup and use a cleanser and moisturizer at most. You may be busy with college classes, a full-time job or trying to keep up with social obligations so it’s no wonder that your skin care might not be at the top of your list. However, these years are the best for creating a lasting skincare routine. You should seek out deep cleansing facials that work at exfoliating dead skin cells which can help with preventing premature wrinkles and keep your skin hydrated.

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As you enter your 30s you’ll probably have a few years of good skin care to carried in with you. However, hormones can still be a prevalent issue in these years causing breakouts due to stress, pregnancy, and your menstrual cycle. These are the years you should switch over from heavier lotions to ones that are much lighter and less likely to clog your pores creating blemishes and blackheads. You may also behind to notice crows feet and other fine lines. If you want to go a professional route you can get treatments such as clarifying or purifying which work to clear your skin of oil, dryness, and flaking. Your home care routine should involved light solutions like gels and exfoliators that work to unclog and de-oil troubled skin.

In your 40s you may notice that your skin care routine of your 20s didn’t do you much good..if you didn’t have a routine. You may see deeper wrinkles and sun damage from skipping sunscreen and lotions. You could also see red blemishing and uneven skin tone. Your best routine at a spa would be a peel that rejuvenates the skin and peels away the dead cells. If you have sensitive skin you will want to forgo the peel and look for anti-inflammatory treatments that are rich in antioxidants. Choosing the right routine is important and if you’re unsure of where to start you can schedule an appointment with Andon Aesthetics to get started or field any questions by calling (818) 351-2070.

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